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The Largest Distributor of Edge Protection products in Ontario.

Dell-Core Edge Protection is a safety fence rental company specializing in providing edge protection for the high-rise construction industry.

Dell-Core carries Speed Edge protection products designed and manufactured by Integrity Worldwide. This system is the safest, fastest and most reliable one available on the market today.

Companies across the GTA have come to trust the Speed Edge system and are not willing to compromise with other mediocre systems.

Speed Fan

The Speed Fan system offers protection to pedestrians, workers and private property from falling objects and debris during construction.


“The speed edge system is fast to install, easy to use and dismantle, but overall it’s the safest form of edge protection around. We will continue to use this system on all of our future projects.”

Superintendent: Goran Skara
P. Eng, Menkes, Four Seasons


Dell-Core Edge Protection carries all the products your company needs to protect your job site, your company and most importantly your employees...


On top of renting edge protection products, Dell-Core also provides a variety of services to ensure all of your needs are met...