Speed Fan

The Speed Fan system offers protection to pedestrians, workers and private property from falling objects and debris during construction.

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The Speed Fan is available in two widths:
• 4m (13.1 ft)
• 6m (19.7 ft)

The Speed Fan has a projection of 3m (9.8ft)

Speed Fan consists of the following components:

1. 3 Layer Net
2. Speed Fan leg
3. Steel Eye Hook For Lifting
4. Square Aluminum, Heavy Duty Outriggers

Speed Edge and Speed Fan

Additional Components:

1. Kwik post for securing lifting device
2. Steel Cable
3. Steel Tube Spreader
4. Tower Crane Straps
5. Mobile Lifting Device


The Speed Fan can be lifted into position by using a Mobile Lifting Device system. This system eliminates the need to rely on a tower crane and also causes minimum disruption to other trades working on site.

• Wheels are attached to Mobile Lifting Device to make it easy to relocate

• For safety before lifting the Speed Fan ensure the Mobile Lifting Device has been fixed to concrete base by means of either KP5000 or securing bolts

• Always check that all couplers are securely tightened on the fan structure

• Lifting device allows for lifting of up to 3 floors without the need of tower crane

Mobile Lifting Device